Alesana- Where Myth Fades to Legend

Bueno, pues despues de un rato que tuve que dejar el blog por la escuela y esas madres les dejo el nuevo cd de alesana…

Saludos y disfruten el pinche discazo.

Where Myth Fades To Legend is the second full length album by the Post-Hardcore band Alesana, released June 3, 2008. As with their previous album, the majority of the songs are related to fables and the members’ “favorite stories” compiled from The Brother’s Grimm. Except for “As You Wish”, that is based off the story The Princess Bride.[citation needed] The only song that isn’t based off anything is “All Night Dance Parties In The Underground Palace.” It was written by Shawn Milke, for his fiance, Naima.[citation needed] The album was produced by Steve Evetts and recorded in Los Angeles, California. The song “Seduction” is said to be the first single from Where Myth Fades To Legend. The track “A Most Profound Quiet” has been released on their MySpace page. The Single “Seduction” was leaked onto the internet with the title “Subscription” on the Warped Tour 2008 compilation.


  1. “This is Usually the Part Where People Scream” – 3:46
  2. “Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good” – 3:32
  3. “Seduction” – 4:46
  4. “A Most Profound Quiet” – 3:17
  5. “Red and Dying Evening” 3:28
  6. “Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charming” – 3:20
  7. “The Uninvited Thirteenth” – 3:40
  8. “Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistaken” – 5:22
  9. “And They Call This Tragedy” – 3:43
  10. “All Night Dance Parties in the Underground Palace” – 3:18
  11. “Endings Without Stories” – 3:59
  12. “As You Wish” – 3:26
  13. “Obsession is Such an Ugly Word” – 5:56
  1. No mas me escuche un tema D:, creo que es el de seduction >:3

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